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Thingsboard Architecture.png
Thingsboard IOT Platform  
  • Device management, data collection, processing and visualization and analytics 

  • Provides an out-of-the-box IoT cloud or on-premises solution

  • Enables server-side infrastructure for your IoT applications.



Enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP 

Data Visualization

Visualize your data with built-in or custom widgets, flexible dashboards and powerful reports.

Asset Management

Provision, Manage, define relationships between and create groups of Devices, Assets and Customers 

Enterprise Integration

Provide secure and reliable API bridge between core platform features and specific third-party platform APIs.

Rules Engine

Define data processing rule chains to transform device data & configure complex notifications.

Flexible Deployment

Support multi-tenant installations on cloud or in premise. Scale out horizontally by adding new nodes to your cluster

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