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Nirvedha Smart Buildings Solution

Data Acquisition

Connect to and acquire data from indoor air quality sensors, critical equipment and devices and Building Management Systems . 

Facility Management.png

Seamless Facility Management

Optimize expert staff to centrally support multiple sites, Track equipment performance against SLA's & Provide safe, functional systems and facilities that meet design intent.

Building Digital Twin Icon.png

Facility Digital Twin

Model the facility in the IOT world in terms of the equipment location (floor, section, facility) and asset hierarchy (equipment, assembly, component)

Facility Maintenance.png

Smart Maintenance

Configure Preventive Maintenance Plan  with tracking and escalation mechanism. Convert critical activities from time to condition based maintenance. 

Smart Buildings 1.jpg

Energy Consumption

IOT Enabled HVAC and Lighting Systems which corelate data from indoor sensors, ambient conditions, occupancy, weather and tariffs. 

Facility Analytics.png

Facility Analytics

Map, drill down and analyse equipment-wise, department-wise, , time-wise, season-wise energy consumption patterns,  key equipment and maintenance KPI's 

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