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Nirvedha Factory 4.0 Solution

Data Acquisition

Connect to individual Machines over industry standard protocols such as Modbus. Shop Floor HMI for logging operator set points and key actions 


Actionable Insights

Define data processing rule chains to generate notifications alerting O&M personnel about abnormal conditions. 


Factory Digital Twin

Model the factory in the IOT world in terms of the machines, work centres, Shop Floor, Factory and Multiple Factories across the enterprise. 

Factory Maintenance.png

Smart Maintenance

Configure Preventive Maintenance Plan  with tracking and escalation mechanism. Convert critical activities from time to condition based maintenance.

OEE Analytics.png

Dashboards & Monitors

Visualize important KPI's such as OEE, MTBF, MTTR  with built-in or custom widgets, flexible dashboards and powerful reports.

Factoy Industrial Icon.png

Factory Analytics

Descriptive and DIagnostic Analytics which will enable drill down of factory data across multiple dimensions. 

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