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Nirvedha Equipment Health & Condition Monitoring Solution

Equipment Health Monitor

Acquire key online and manual data entry parameters from equipment controller / PLC / DCS and monitor key equipment performance Metrics such as Efficiency, Availability, Throughput etc. 

Preevntive Maintenance.jpg

Preventive Maintenance

Ensure that all Preventive Maintenance activities are carried out as planned including Audits, Inspection, Overhauling. Generate and monitor key Maintenance Metrics and KPI's. 

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Rotating Equipment Performance

Acquire key condition monitoring parameters for rotating equipment such as Vibration, Bearing temperature, Motor Current etc, and do Vibration and Lube  Oil Analysis, Thermography etc. 

Predictive Maintenance.png

Predictive Maintenance

Use historical data sets for critical equipment to train the Predictive Analytics Machine Learning Models to predict equipment failures, detect anomalies. 


Condition Based Maintenance

Abnormal Situations monitored in the Equipment Health and Condition Monitoring will trigger condition based maintenance work orders to take action before machine breaks down. 

Equipment Analytics.jpg

Equipment Analytics

Descriptive and DIagnostic Analytics which will enable drill down of equipment data and maintenance metrics across multiple dimensions to generate actionable insights. 

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