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Use OLAP tools to drill down data, pivot, compare , visualize trends & correlations to understand why something is happening

What Happened?

  • Correlations using asset hierarchy data

  • Multi Plant comparison and benchmarking


Consolidate raw information into actionable insights & do Root Cause Analysis to improve a process, service, product

Why Did It Happen?

  • Fault diagnosis 

  • Root-cause analysis using failure codes

  • Anomaly detection


Use techniques such as Linear and logistic regression to understand trends and calculate the probability that something will happen

What Will Happen?

  • When will machine fail next?

  • What is remaining useful life?

  • What will be future inventory levels & forecast of demand ?


Use Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms to recommend actions as a result of a diagnosis or a prediction

How to Make it Happen?

  •  Repair or replace 

  • Adjust maintenance actions  to provide maintenance where and when it is needed

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