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Orchestrate Implementation of IOT Projects

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IOT Platform


IOT Edge Gateway


IOT Analytics Engine

Device management, data collection, processing and visualization and reporting for your IoT solution
Connect to external systems or directly to devices, convert data to unified format, store and transfer securely to server.
Analytics Engine tightly integrated with IOT platform which can help turn data into actionable insights



IOT technology enables a discrete manufacturing enterprise to get insights into factory - shop floor - work center and individual machine operations and maintenance. 

Smart Buildings

Facility Managers can use IOT based solutions to monitor multiple facilities, manage critical equipment, streamline maintenance activities and quantify benefits from energy saving initiatives. 

Equipment Condition Monitoring.jpg

Holistic view of Static and Rotating Equipment health and condition by monitoring performance and maintenance parameters along with Vibration, Oil Analysis, Bearing health, motor current. 


Create Asset Register and Hierarchy to enable Equipment data to be analysed at sub system or component level. Trigger Work Orders based on Corrective and Preventive Maintenance. Track KPI's for Maintenance and Asset Management. 


Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics on IOT and Condition Monitoring data to enable users to drill down data, pivot, compare , visualize trends & correlations and do root cause analysis. Predictive Maintenance using Machine & Deep Learning algorithms. 


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